Data acquisition station

Graphic Display
A graphic display can be connected to GigaLog S. The display replaces the alpha numeric display.
320 x 240 Pixel, 5.7 inch. Colour, Technology TFT, Backlight, Touch panel.

The display shows 15 channels on 3 pages, 5 channels per page.
It shows
ModeSamplingOn screen
Inputs are displayed as sampled.
Stop stops sampling at the end of the display.
Click on Stop again for a one shot on the display.
1 ms.3 s
2 ms.6 s
5 ms1.5 s
10 ms3 s
20 ms6 s
50 ms15 s
100 ms30 s
200 ms60 s
500 ms150 s
Data stored in volatile RAM
Display average data over sampled period
Log length configurable
1 s90 s
1 m60 m
1 h48 h
1 d100 d
You may change the number of channels, channels per page, and the length of each log period. The data for the display is stored independent of the data logged on the memory card. The data for the display will be lost when power is switched off.
You may select on the bottom menu the period to display
The upper menu displays a state line or the channels of the page. Channels are not equal to inputs. You may assign any input to a channel. The button of a channel is in its colour, and displays its name. Clicking on the button of a channel brings the channel into the foreground and its y-axe is displayed. Clicking on > changes the page and displays other channels.

Show all internal 16, and or up to 100 inputs as bar graphs in real time.

Example of a photovoltaic system:
Three panels with their charge current in bar graphs.
The charge state of the batteries.
Three consumers currents.
Installation of a client (CoolTool)

Show your installation with inputs in bar graphs. Put your machine as image into the background. The bar graphs in the foreground display the actual state of the analogue inputs.
Create your own mobile elements like: valve closed, open, motor stop, slow backward, fast forward.